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Watch as your company grows from a news stream of inquiries or customers who want to purchase your good and services.

Our Digital Marketing Process



First step: check under the hood.
Here we develop best-in-class strategy for search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and lead generation, and we start by Isolating key terms you will dominate based on our research.
Branding is fundamentally about drilling down to who you are, and the legacy you want to leave behind. We help you discover your key core competencies, core brand values, brand personality, as well as your brand hero and brand archetype. A fresh look at your target market and competition rounds out the final product: brand positioning, brand promise, and brand tagline. It all comes together in the Brand Driver Report that we use to drive marketing strategy in Phase II, Build it up.


Next, we build (or refresh) your brand according to the data and guidelines in the Brand Driver Report. Generally, the process begins with your visual identity (logo design system), business cards and other necessary print collateral.
We then engineer your website from the core, optimized for Google search domination. You’ll end up with a beautiful website that gets you compliments—and without sacrificing a stitch of search engine optimization fire power.
Finally, you will begin to dominate search results for your key terms. Guaranteed. You’ll get found, you’ll get chosen.




Is when you wake up knowing that your branding is spot-on, your marketing is generating awesome buzz, and your messaging profoundly resonates with your optimal clients. And you’re proud to hand out your business card and send people to your website.
In the meantime, you begin to dominate search results for your key terms. Guaranteed. You’ll get found, you’ll get chosen.
This is the point when the phone starts ringing.
You breakaway from the pack.
The search is over.

Top Rated New York City SEO Expert

New York SEO

If you’re searching for leading New York SEO experts that can help you take your business to the next level, you’ve arrived to the right place. At Serge Delia, we have one goal and one goal only: to get you on the top of Google’s first page.

The NYC SEO professionals at Serge Delia are leading experts for various services for first-time clients as well as long-standing customers. Our services includes site creation, site development, blogging, web content writing, social networking integration, and much more.

At Serge Delia, we have highly qualified NY SEO experts that are more than capable to meet your all of your New York SEO needs. We are ready to exceed all of your expectations and we’re ready to work within the set deadline and budget. We work tirelessly to get your business be the leader of the industry, leaving the competition behind. We are here to deliver real results.

The experts at Serge Delia are highly skilled at optimizing some of the most competitive keywords. Take a look at the screenshots below. It shows our rankings against our competitors for New York SEO.

As you can see, we are well ahead.

If we can do this for ourselves, imagine what we can do for you, a paying customer.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization often referred to as SEO is the online process of getting your business to appear at the top of Google’s first page. Ever wonder how websites are ranked when someone type certain keywords in Google’s search box?

Well, here’s a little summary below.

Google has a defined and specific set of rules or algorithms, and the websites that follow these rules as instructed are rewarded by gaining ranking. Ranking basically means you’re consistently moving towards the first page of the search results page for relevant key words. Ultimately, the goal is to be ranked as the first website listed on Google’s first page for the key words people are searching for.

At Serge Delia, our mission is to help your business rank not once, not twice, but several times.

Furthermore, we are experts in optimizing websites for various mobile devices.

There was a recent announcement made by Google stating that the first page of search results will only include websites that are optimized for mobile devises as wee. This means that even if you do SEO correctly but somehow failed to optimize your website for mobile you will not get access to the people that are using their phones, seeking for your goods and services.

Why worry about any of that. Let us help you.

Why You Need SEO

We live in the digital age and nowadays everyone is spending most of their time online shopping for goods and services. In fact, many studies have shown that all demographics of people with spending power, even the elderly, have thrown away the Yellow Pages and going looking online to make their purchases, using computers, tables, and smartphones. With that being said, when customers are looking for the goods and services you provide and your business is not listed on the top of Google’s first page, customers are unable to find you.

In other words, your business is missing.

Ouch! It hurts. We know. But don’t worry. There’s hope.

The experts at Serge Delia are here to the rescue.

Your business does not have to be shut out in oblivion forever. Our New York SEO experts are here to help your business get back on track. By using our excellent search engine optimization skills, we guaranteed to help your business come out of oblivion and shine into the light.

What We Do

SEO, Search engine optimization, is about giving search engines what they want so that you can get ranked. In order to get ranked properly, there are many things are taken into consideration. As we stated earlier, these things include but are not limited to your website, backlinks, social media, business listings, citations and the overall authority of everything.

Ranking high on Google’s first page for New York SEO is extremely challenging; it takes a lot of time and effort. We have done this for ourselves; therefore, we are well aware of the challenges ahead. But most importantly, we know how to help our clients get the rankings they deserve. Our formula has been tried and tested and we proven to deliver real results.

It’s important to realize that your website is not just a piece of art – it can be as pretty as you want but if it isn’t getting you customers then it’s not useful. Your website needs to be designed properly so that search engines can rank it properly. It also needs to be mobile responsive.

At Serge Delia, we do all these things for you.

The SEO Process

If you already have a website, we do an audit to find out what works and what doesn’t. We do all that is necessary to ensure your site is optimized. If you don’t have a website we create one for you and optimize it so that you can start getting ranked right away. We also set up social media accounts for you. Afterwards, we start on getting you the right citations for your site.

By this time, you will already be leading the competition, but we don’t stop there.

We keep doing on-site and off-site SEO to make sure that you continue to rank well. If you like we can do a PPC campaign on your behalf but usually, the search engine optimization we do is sufficient to bring you more business. Furthermore, you can choose the package that allows you be on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and of course citation websites such as Yelp.

Our social media strategy will ensure you’re always connected to your customers. We use social media in such a way that search engines connect customers to your business. Our combination of social media and SEO guarantees that you get on the first page of search results. Our own site’s ranking is proof that we are at the top of our game. We can do the same for your business.

With more than 10 years of experience in the business, we are perfectly capable of guaranteeing you achieve online domination not just in New York City but also all over the globe. Don’t use unreliable SEO companies that have no idea what they are doing – that will only hold you back.

Our Process

Our process at Serge Delia is a simple one.

We start with an audit of the current state of your website. We look at how it is designed, how it has been ranking, how much SEO has been done and so on. This allows us to analyze what is wrong and to also come up with solutions. We share the solutions with you and then get started right away.

You will immediately see an improvement in ranking and over a few months, you will get to where users can find you – the first page of search results. Our services are guaranteed – if we cannot get you there we will give you your money back.

We will give you monthly updates about the status of the campaign. It will show things like how you are ranking, statistics on website visitors, conversion rates and so on. We can discuss any changes that you want made along the way. We are always available to you.

Reliability at its Finest

Whether you wish to set up brand’s validity or secure higher visibility on leading search engines, our New York SEO experts at Serge Delia will fulfill all your objectives and aspirations. All that’s required is one phone call or e-mail for a complimentary assessment.

This will help us come up with ideal plans of action depending on your requirements.

Call 855-742-8737 or email now.

You’ll be glad you did.

Next Step?

If you feel that you are ready to take your business to the next level, give us a call at (855) 742-8737 or email us. One of our experts will get in touch with you right away and get you started on your journey to online domination.

Don’t let your business lag behind. Give it the visibility it deserves.

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