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“Within 2 months, Serge doubled the number of leads and clients to my business that I even had a hard time coping! Excellent service, definitely great value for money.”
– Elena Jacobs

“Great service from Serge. Really pays close attention to the needs of each client, he doesn’t do one-size-fits-all solutions. He’s definitely the go to guy for SEO in Miami.”
– Kirk Spader

“Serge is a great guy, a real professional. The social media I had him do for my business really paid off!”
– Marty Cornwall

“This is a big thank you to Serge for getting me a TON of new clients, and for doing such a superb job on our PPC campaign!”
– Rick Peterson

Serge Delia Atlanta SEO Expert

Atlanta SEO services are designed to meet client needs within time and budget. As a city on the pulse of the latest SEO trends and development, Atlanta is synonymous with innovative and cutting-edge marketing firms. No truer is this then when it comes to Serge Delia – a reputable and industry leading SEO and digital marketing agency. With years of extensive industry experience, the firm has helped countless clients secure brand recognition, validity, and greater awareness. From website creation and enhancement to digital marketing and SEO development, they have the tools and expertise to extend your brand’s reach on the web. Whether you need captivating and compelling content or gripping web design, they employ true leaders that will help your brand foster greater growth in this challenging and competitive marketplace.

Digital Marketing Experts

Digital marketing plays an essential part of any online advertising campaign. This includes streamlined and centralized content that effectively attracts and engages core, niche, or mass audiences. The use of strategic ads, promotional videos, mobile marketing, and especially search engine optimization also establishes your new or existing commercial brand as a competitively viable entity. In recent years, Google has instituted a myriad of SEO updates and changes to algorithms. In fact, sites with high quality and relevant content are being awarded higher rankings, ratings, and strong visibility across the board. This has resulted in higher conversion rates, along with recurring web traffic and business. This has also generated better leads, which has resulted in greater profits and revenue for established brands and start-up ventures. If you truly want to compete in your respective niche or industry, a sound digital marketing and SEO plan is simply a must.

Atlanta SEO Expert

With SEO services Atlanta, you have access to a full suite of timely, effective, and affordable SEO plans. This includes strategic keywords, link building, PPC, promotional videos and even blogging. Services also include website development, modifications, social media integration, and mobile readiness. The latter is a crucial aspect in garnering a strong local presence while appearing in top-ranked local results and listings. Mobile optimization also helps promote your brand, products, and services to niche orientated audiences or new clients. It also enables your site, blog, or online venue or store to be accessible via wireless, remote, and digital devices. This means greater brand exposure, which can result in more leads, sales, and especially higher conversion rates. The result is a fully functional SEO sites that meet all search engine parameters and White Hat criteria.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing can help your site attain higher rankings and ratings. Whether on Google or Yahoo, it is vital for any site to secure higher visibility for marketing and business purposes. Atlanta SEO experts utilize cutting edge techniques that help sites grow and prosper on the Internet. This includes content that is easy to scan and read, along with a precise and concise message to visitors and guests. The use of trendy templates also ensures your site is up to date and contemporary across all pages. As always, social media links also connects users to the information, products, and services they seek. Most of all, sites must meet all Google parameters, including appropriate use of keywords and links. They must also be optimized for mobile readiness and viewing, and should always contain enough embedded and visible links to establish consistency and uniformity in design.

Social Media Marketing

As part of any Internet marketing campaign, social media integration is a must. With over 400,000 global companies listed on Facebook alone, it is simply imperative for any brand to have a strong social media presence. With strong profiles, you can promote your goods and services to mass audiences. You can also generate a lasting buzz about your brand while connecting with countless clients and customers from all corners of the world. From Facebook and Twitter to Linked In, social media marketing utilizes SEO tools to help build your brand in a timely and professional manner. There is also little to no overhead involved, and you have optimal flexibility to utilize these networks for special sales, promotions, events, announcements, or even to help employees and staff with e-learning modules and more.

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